Paul Mizzi

Flute, Trombone & Early Childhood Music

Ever since Paul developed a passion for music during his years in high school band, Paul knew that he wanted to make music a central part of his life. During these years he fell in love with the music of the European Baroque and Classical era composers and would listen to recordings of various instrumentalists playing these works. Paul began consuming music from throughout the European music tradition of the 14th century liturgical chant to the contemporary composers of today. Paul expanded his interest to music from Japan, China, India, and the Middle East leading him specialize in improvisation and Avant Garde music.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree, Paul went on to work on his Master’s in New York City at the Manhattan School of Music, with a focus on contemporary music. This was an extremely stimulating and creative part of Paul’s life, being surrounded by highly skilled musicians who influenced much of his current work. Having exposure to performances at Carnegie Hall, opened the doors for Paul to experience music from the greatest performers from all over the world.

Paul is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Musical Arts in Flute Performance and Pedagogy from the University of Iowa.

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